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Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 will be presented on September 23

Surface RT

Microsoft has decided to renew its range of tablets Surface and is just recently confirmed the date in which the second generation of tablets will be presented. The event will finally take place on September 23 and will be announced two new devices, which are the second generation of the Surface RT and Surface Pro.

What is expected to see in the new devices? They will basically be something more powerful than the current Surface. In the case of the Surface Pro 2, is expected to carry a Intel Core Haswell processor (newer ones so far), possibly more RAM and some improvements in the battery life.

On the other hand is expected that the new Surface RT, which will be called Surface 2, have a SoC Nvidia Tegra 4 as well as a higher resolution screen, such as the Full HD, and also more battery life.

Hopefully with these changes may raise the market because until now Microsoft has not fared well with the sales of the Surface and that has caused losses of 900 million euros, generated in large part by the lack of publicity and consequently the few sales.

We will also see if they lowered the price, since the price has been one of the major impediments for people to buy these devices of the Redmond company.

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