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Movistar presents its novelties: free 4G, no termination fees and SIM-free mobile phones


The company already announced that the innovations that would be presented would cause impact and seems to be so. At least what they have just presented is very good for customers and supposed to give a heavy blow over the competition.

Free 4G

The agreement between Yoigo and Movistar is already bearing fruit and we have the first news. Movistar will offer 4G connection for free to all customers who have contracted one of the modalities of Fusión, Movistar 20, Movistar Cero and Tarifa Total.

The downside comes when we exceed the contracted data traffic and in that case the browsing speed will drop up to 16 kbps, although we can always buy some 1GB extra bonus for 10 euros.

4G connectivity will be available from today in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Málaga, and will continue to spread until the end of year to cities such as Seville, Alicante, Palma de Mallorca, Murcia, Valladolid, Zaragoza…

Fusión with free Mini TV

Fusión Fibra offers a new option with free mini TV, and we can add different packages of TV channels.

Elimination of the permanence and the SIM-locked mobile phones

Finally Movistar eliminates Mobile SIM-lock and was somewhat expected. It will be effective with the terminals which are purchased from here on out. Therefore, from now on, smartphones will be sold SIM-free and you can use them with any operator.

On the other hand, the early termination fees will be removed in Movistar Fusión, as well as all the remaining rates for mobile phones.

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