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Nubefone, an innovative app to call much cheaper national, international, and 902

Nubefone Android

Peoplecall, pioneers of the VoIP us surprise with Nubefone, an app to call from your mobile without using data during the call.

Many have bad experience trying to use Line, Viber or Skype from your mobile and not having an effective communication unless we are in optimal conditions of bandwidth, and that does not always happen, and less when more you need it.

With Nubefone, this does not happen, because it is a normal call, you can call from anywhere: from the beach, with the hands-free car, street, etc. And not have to worry for the data, Nubefone rates just use them.


Nubefone works with the callback system: call from the app, this gets in contact with Nubefone servers in the cloud and you receive a call on your mobile when you descuelgas the call, put you in contact with your partner. Data consumption is minimal (less than a whatsapp message) and the quality is maximum.

Como funciona Nubefone

Also surprising prices, only 2 cents per minute to landlines and mobiles in Spain, and from 5 cents per minute to landlines and mobile international, with an establishment of 10 cents per minute. You can see all rates detailed in http://www.nubefone.com/tarifas.html, also from the application you can see the exact price of a destination in particular before making a call to that destination. They are cheaper prices than what we are accustomed to seeing in Line, Skype, etc. Yea that really saves on the telephone bill.

Equally surprising form of payment so comfortable that they have, you do not need to have balance or pay in advance, when you get to 20 euros of consumption, you pass the Bill to the credit card you want to use.

In addition, they don’t charge no monthly fee, no minimum consumption, have no permanence. You only pay for what you speak.

To use it, you must create an account on the Nubefone website and directly they give you € 5 on calls, so you can try the application free. No change of SIM or operator.

The application is free and is available for iPhone and Android. The Blackberry version is in testing but you can download it and try.

You can see more information at the website of www.nubefone.com

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  1. It is a great APP but you should try too the app MOVVIL because it charge the calls in secs while NUBEFONE bill everything by complete minutes.

    For example if you call 10 seconds to a spanish mobile phone you will be charged for 0,48ct in MOVVIL but if you do the same call with NUBEFONE you will be charged for 3ct (full minute).

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