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Play traditional slot from your couch with Funny Fruits

Funny Fruits

All we have ever had an addiction for some online game, especially now that there are so many web pages that you can be stuck all day. One is Slot.com and offers slot games acclimated with various themes that allow your gamer side go out to recreate freely, since, in addition, games are completely free. The game we want to talk about is Funny Fruits, which with its bright colors and funny fruit figures seems impossible to stop playing.

Play as in the casino but from home with Funny Fruits

Funny Fruits is a simple slot game in which you must push the start button to let your luck at random (the feeling that every player loves). You have more than 6 opportunities to earn coins that allow you to move to the forward level and unlock new ones.

The extra bonus you get for attempts also allow you to gradually increase your score so new games are available for you, according to the regularity of your visits and luck you had. All these figures are counted thanks to your registration in the page, which can be completed through Facebook (the best for the lazy) or making the registry directly on the page of Slot.

If you choose the first option, Facebook will send you notifications and link the game with your friends, allowing you to be always online. You may find that many of them also have fun playing online slots at its leisure. On the other hand, if you chose to register directly on the page, you will receive reminders to your email so do not hold back on performance and you continue producing many more golden coins.

The content of this page is purely entertainment and fun; assuming that will be used in moderation, it will serve to distract you from all the things that occupy your head every day, and it does not require more mental effort. However, remember that the ease with which you can access these games could be considered a negative factor if given openly disclose to minors or who have special psychological behavior around this vice.

Otherwise we invite you to try and judge with your own experience this game at the Slot.com page, I assure you will visit a few times, until your “addiction” remains forgotten, as you must have happened with the famous Candy Crush.

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