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Plugin para WordPress: Twitter @Anywhere Plus

Os presento mi primer plugin para WordPress: Twitter @Anywhere Plus.

Este plugin permite añadir fácilmente Twitter @Anywhere a cualquier blog hecho con WordPress, activando las características que queramos a través de la página de configuración:

Auto-linkification of @usernames
Follow buttons

En cuanto tenga tiempo iré añadiendo las demás funciones de @Anywhere.

Pocas horas después de poner el plugin en el directorio oficial de WordPress me enviaron la traducción al bielorruso (Marcis G.), así que ya está incluida en la versión 1.1.

He creado una página de “Proyectos” y una página específica para Twitter @Anywhere Plus donde podéis ver más información y descargarlo.

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21 Comentarios

  1. Hola,

    Me gustaria escribir un comentario completo en castillan pero no soy seguro de conocer el vocabulario necesario. Entonces, perdoname si escribo el resto en ingles.

    I have installed your plugin, and it’s a great one. I would like to know whether, even if my urls are not so long, you expect to provide a url shortener service (if, of course, this is technically possible).

    Thank you, great job !

  2. Hi ! Unfortunately, it seems that it doesn’t work well under IE and Chrome : the text doesn’t show up completely (title and short url do not appear : only “-“)

  3. Ok. Thank you very much. I’ve asked people on twitter (and therefore on facebook) and many of them see different “versions” : the normal one, the one with the incomplete url, and some do not see anything at all.

    I’ll wait for your answer anyway. Thanks.

    And… good news, for the url shortener !

  4. Thank you, very much : it seems to be fixed now.

    I’ve had comments from users on twitter and facebook.

    (i) the “tweet” button is inactive by default. You have to click in the field to active it. Is there any means to change this ?

    (ii) is it possible to add the username in the tweet, to be able to see afterwards who uses it ?

  5. Thank you and thank you for your reactivity

  6. I am confused on what my callback url should be…can you make that a little easier please?

  7. Many thanks for this great upgrade.

    I had just this morning someone on twitter who send me a DM saying : it does’nt work, the button is inactive…

    Seen, also, the possibility to customize the text. Great also !

  8. Hi,

    Great plugin! Thanks.

    I only have one issue that won’t go away, even after today’s upgrade.

    If I enable the Twitter @Anywhere box, every time you scroll down the post and ‘hover’ over the box the screen jumps back up to the top of the post, so you can’t select the box to tweet about anything.

    I’m using the latest WP version and Chrome browser.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    • Hello,

      I have not had that problem with any browser…

      Could you enable the Tweet Box to try to find the problem?

      It may be a conflict with another script. If the problem has no solution, I will add an option to disable the “focus on mouse over” function.


  9. Thanks – I will enable the box for the next hour or more. I don’t want to leave it live for too long, since we have a lot of traffic and I’m keen to ensure our users get the best reading experience.

    It is live now (22:00 UK time) and will stay that way for as long as possible today. If this is no good for you, let’s organise another convenient time.

    Thanks for the excellent support.

    • OK. I’ve just seen the problem.

      Have you tried to disable the Retweet button and leave the Tweet Box enabled?
      You can try it now and then disable the TweetBox.

      I’ll give you an answer about the issue later or tomorrow.


  10. Thanks – if I disable the Retweet button, everything works fine.

    Since we already have a tweet counter that allows for retweets at the bottom of each post, and since the @Anywhere box is more important, I’m happy to leave it like this.

    Thanks for the excellent support and for producing the best @Anywhere plugin we’ve seen. You saved us a lot of work, and since is run entirely for charity, such savings are important to us.

    • Hello,

      I’ve already found the problem.

      It’s a Google Chrome feature/issue. When you run a focus event, Google Chrome scrolls the page to display the focused element on the screen.
      My plugin runs the focus event over all the Tweet Boxes on the page, and the last Tweet Box on the page is the hidden Tweet Box of the Retweet feature.

      It was not easy to find it 🙂

      Don’t worry, I’ll try to fix it for the next version and you will be able to use the Retweet button if you want.

      Thanks for helping me find the “bug” 😉

  11. Excelente laburo, ya lo implementé en el blog y anda de maravillas. ¡Cuando integres el acortador de URLs va a ser monumental!


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