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2 platforms that will help you sell online


Geniuzz.com – platform for buying and selling small services or products related to internet and online marketing.

You have just to register as self-employed to start your way along the paths of the venture and you are looking for new clients or professionals who can help you in your work? Whatever your case, Geniuzz can not miss the Favorites section, and on your computer.

What is it? As a platform online through which users can buy and sell freelance services starting at 5 euros, a great initiative that makes it possible for professionals to find new clients and gains, while the owners of an entity have the opportunity to find editors, developers, Community managers, computer scientists and other many professionals to carry out certain work and advance in his business career.

So as this project entrepreneur who aims to put an end to soaring rates of unemployment which we have in Spain has just received, thanks to your wonderful work, a total of 200,000 euros of investment from the accelerator Mola.com and Cabiedes & Partners fund investment, a large number that the creators of this online entity will use to promote the platform both in our country and in Latin America and create a lot of small jobs in much of the world.

In addition, if through Geniuzz, which already has more than 20,000 registered users, you don’t find what you are looking for, you can always make a request on your “Wishes wall” to have a greater number of possibilities to find the services you want. A great place to find your first customers now that you are freelance or enjoy the best services to grow your business!


Tiendalista.com: If your business still not sold on the internet… is because you don’t want to

With e-commerce booming, there are many ‘offline’ companies which are passed to the internet in order to survive. In the same way, have also emerged many platforms that help these companies to manage their own ‘ecommerces’.

One of which has just been born is Tiendalista, a Spanish company to help SMEs and entrepreneurs to create your ‘online’ shop in order to adapt to new models for sale and get to move forward despite the fall in consumption.

However, their work not just on the mere installation of the portal. Its added value lies precisely in that, in addition, offer long-term advice to take best advantage of the ‘ecommerce’ in question.

In this way, commit themselves to the development of various sales channels to achieve the highest performance online shop (web page, social networking, mobile applications, etc.), as well as carry out the advice and training on the possibilities of e-commerce for your business.

After completing the first round of funding with success a few months ago, the Tiendalista business goal is reach benefits at the end of the year, as well as creating ‘online’ stores of 400 SMEs and entrepreneurs.

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