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Microsoft acquires Nokia


It was a matter of some details and we all know that the relationship that existed between Nokia and Microsoft was pretty close. Recall that, for a few years, Nokia provided the terminals and Microsoft put Windows Phone OS in smartphones of the Finns.

The statement that have made official gives some details of how is the sale between the two companies. Microsoft acquires the Nokia’s devices and services division, the Nokia Lumia brand, licensing and use of maps, and licensing of patents from Nokia.

And how much it has cost the operation? In this case we could divide it into several parts and they are as follows:

-Division of Nokia mobile: 3,790 million euros.

-Licensing of patents and Nokia maps: 1.650 billion euros.

This makes a total of 5,440 million euros. In addition and after completion of the sale, 32,000 employees of Nokia will go to Microsoft to work. On the other hand, the directors and Chief Executive Officer of Nokia will be Executive Vice President of devices and services of Nokia at Microsoft.

What do you think about the purchase of Nokia by Microsoft? Do you think that they will have success in the future?

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