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Twitter @Anywhere Plus


This plugin allows you to easily add Twitter @Anywhere to your blog, enabling the @Anywhere features:

Auto-linkification of @usernames
Follow button
– Tweet Boxes
– Retweet button
(Tweet Box with Lightbox effect)

You can enable and configure each function from the plugin’s settings page.

In order to use @Anywhere, you must first register your blog as an @Anywhere application to get a Twitter API key (Consumer key). You can do so at the following URL: https://dev.twitter.com/apps/new


Este plugin te permite añadir fácilmente Twitter @Anywhere a tu blog, activando las características de @Anywhere:

Auto-enlazado de @usuarios
Botón “Follow”
Tweet Boxes
Botón “Retweet” (Tweet Box con efecto Lightbox)

Puedes activar y configurar cada función desde la página de opciones del plugin.

Para usar @Anywhere, primero debes registrar tu blog como una aplicación @Anywhere para obtener una clave API (Consumer key) de Twitter. Puedes hacerlo en la siguiente dirección: https://dev.twitter.com/apps/new


This plugin is hosted at the WordPress.org Plugins Directory.


Support this project:


– English (en_US) [default] – Spanish (es_ES)
– French (fr_CA) → Charles Desaulniers
– Belorussian (be_BY) → Marcis G.

You can help translating the plugin into your language. Use the “tap-default.po” file included with the plugin.

Please send the translated “.po” file to the following e-mail address:
I will add your translation to the list. You can include your name/nick and your website in the e-mail.


* Added new URL shortener: is.gd
* Now you must provide your own bit.ly username and API key.
* Retweet button can be placed in any corner of your posts.
* The container div of the Tweet Box is now centered.

* Added URL shortener (bit.ly)
* Fix: final comma in JavaScript array

* Display the Tweet Box and Retweet button either in posts or pages.
* Improved “Tweet” button enabling for all the Tweet Boxes.
* Fixed issue with Google Chrome when using more than one Tweet Box.

* Added custom Tweet Boxes by using shortcodes.
* More customizable Tweet Box content.
* Settings page improved.
* Added French translation by Charles Desaulniers (Siliticx.ca)

* “Tweet” button enabled when mouse over the Tweet Box, and always enabled in the Retweet Box.
* Now “post title and short URL” works for everyone (global $post -> global $wp_query).

* Now you can choose between two Twitter birds or none.
* Improved Retweet button image (valid for any background color).

* Added Retweet button feature (Tweet Box with Lightbox effect).

* Added Tweet Box feature.

* Bugfix: newline before <?php (PHP warning)

* Added Belorussian translation by Marcis G. (PC.DE)

* Initial release.

116 Comentarios

  1. Sadly its buggy.
    I get this upon activation
    arning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/diablo3/public_html/Siliticx.ca/wp-content/plugins/twitter-anywhere-plus/twitter-anywhere-plus.php:139) in /home/diablo3/public_html/Siliticx.ca/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 868

    and it turns all my texts with accents into weird symbols, like its suddendly not unicode anymore.
    normal? My blog is in french if that helps.

    • Hello,

      Please, could you download the following file and overwrite it in your server?

      Please, could you upgrade to the latest version?

      Then tell me if the error was fixed. Thanks.

  2. V1.3 new Tweetbox feature is very great updates but it’s not working. It can shown after my blog post, I can typed my msg and click the Tweet button, it ‘seem’ working but didn’t provide any error msgs and my Twitter timeline didn’t got the tweetbox tweets. How to solve that? Thanks!

    I appreiciate your work and recommending more WP blogger use your plugin. 😉


    • Hello Chris,

      Thanks for using my plugin.

      I’ve been testing the Tweet box on your blog and it works very well.

      After clicking the “Tweet” button you should see a popup window asking you to connect your Twitter profile with your blog. Then click on “Connect” and the message is sent.

      Try a different browser or try to connect from a different Twitter profile.

      Please then tell me if the problem was solved.

  3. Yes! Your fix worked great. you currently have the best @Anywhere plugin on wordpress right now, its only missing one thing. If you go read one of my articles, theres a retweet button that essentially pops up the tweetbox. It has a look that looks like your “follow me” box. The plugin is simply @anywhere, might want to check it out. Its pretty darn sweet.

    • WoW! Great! Why not share the plugin with us? Would appreciate it.

      One more suggestion.
      I wonder can @anywhere do the same thing as TwitterCounter’s TwitterVisitor widget?

      Anyone know about this? Thanks!


    • Hey Charles,

      I’m working on the best Retweet Button in the world 😉
      You’ll see it in a few days.

      • Kinda wish the button could be added to my template with a shortcode, would that be possible?

        • I will try to add these features in future releases, but you could do that with the following HTML code:

          <a href="#retweet"><img id="lightdiv-button" src="/wp-content/plugins/twitter-anywhere-plus/images/retweet.png" border="0"></a>

          You must leave the “Retweet button” feature enabled and hide the default button by adding “display:none;” at the end of the “lightdiv.css” file…

          #lightdiv-button-div {
            float: right;
            margin-left: 10px;
            margin-top: 3px;
            margin-bottom: 3px;
            clear: both;
            display: none;

          Note: This only works for single post pages.

  4. Hello Charles,

    Would you like to translate the plugin into French?
    If you want, I will put a link to your blog here and in the WordPress.org directory.

    • Sure, i will when i got some spare time

    • http://siliticx.ca/Downloads/tap-fr_CA.mo.zip
      There ya go, just tell me if something’s wrong.

      • Thank you very much.

        There is something strange… Did you use Poedit?
        Your file is like a file to be translated from French, instead of an original file in English translated into French.

        Don’t worry, I’ve already fixed it. Just use the “tap-fr_CA.po” file if you want to update the translation in the future.

        I will include your translation in the next version.
        How would you like to appear in the credits?
        – Sil (Siliticx.ca)
        – Charles (Siliticx.ca)
        – Charles Desaulniers (Siliticx.ca)
        – … ?

        Thanks 🙂

  5. Hello,

    I love this plugin! I would like to add the “Retweet” button to pages, as well as single posts. I have isolated the code I need, and added:

    || is_page()

    To the function retweetButton($content). The button is displaying, but it is justified to the left. Is there any way to right-justify it just like the button on single posts? The code calls the exact same CSS style for both.

    Thank you!

    • Hello,

      You have to add || is_page() in other functions too.

      You can open the file “twitter-anywhere-plus.php” using a text/code editor, search for each occurrence of is_single() and replace it with is_single() || is_page().

      I’ll update the plugin including that option in a few days.

    • Your request will be ready for the next version.

  6. Sería bueno que des la opción de crear una tweet box donde uno quiera, como lo hace este otro plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/twitter-anywhere/

  7. Hi!

    I’ve been playing around with @Anywhere doing all by hand, then I discovered your plugin! Very nice!

    At the moment I’m just using your plugin to enable @Anywhere on my site, linkify twitter usernames and hovercards.

    I’m not using your plugin for tweetbox (although I have enabled the tweetbox shortcode to use in future articles if I want), or the retweet feature. I didn’t turn those on for a couple of reasons…

    Retweet button: can’t put it on the left side of an article (I have ads on the right top and bottom)

    Tweetbox: no easy way to call a URL shortener such as bit.ly or to.ly eg for the default content. The box also didn’t appear to be centered. And it was placed in an awkward area of an article (this is most likely due to other things I have on my site)

    Oh, I’m also not using the follow button from your plugin, but that was only because I already had it coded into sidebar.php right where I wanted it and I was too lazy to switch over to use your plugin. 🙂

    All in all, mate, an excellent plugin. I hope you find my feedback useful.

    Kind regards,

    • Hello,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      I will be adding all these improvements in the next versions.

      1. Retweet button: left alignment.
      2. URL shortener.
      3. Tweet Box: center alignment.

      OK! 😉

  8. Sorry, not too web savvy. Where can I find any readme info? Or can you explain what all this is, I didn’t understand.

    The id or class of the element (div, p) where the button must be inserted.
    You can create a Text widget with the following code inside:
    (DOM element: #followButton)
    You can also use classes:
    (DOM element: .followButton)

    • That means you have to create a text widget with the following code:

      <p class="followButton"></p>

      So you will have to put “.followButton” in the “DOM element” box.

      I looked at your website and that is exactly what you did, that’s right.

  9. Ah, cool…thanks heaps, just checking up that website is clean and tidy =)

  10. I would like to be able to manually place the tweet box on a page, post, or in a widget, is this possible?
    Otherwise an EXCELLENT @Anywhere plugin. THANKS


  11. Alternatively, if the tweet box could be manually placed right above the Comment Form but below the #respond tag, readers could choose to tweet, comment, or both…

    Let me know how I might manually place the form! Appreciated.


  12. Sorry for the multiple comments but I keep thinking of other ‘nice to haves’. It would be great if you could add multiple tweetboxes with different default text depending on where I place it.

    The default placement of the tweetbox and the variables %t and %u are great for single posts (although a %a for author would be great)…

    If I place a tweetbox on a page for a special promo or something it would be great to be able to customize the default text/info in that box also.

    Again, thanks for a great plugin.

    • Hello,

      You already can do all that with version 1.7 😉

      Use the shortcode to place custom Tweet Boxes in your posts or text widgets.
      (You must first enable the “Custom Tweet Boxes” feature in the settings page.)


      [tweetbox width="200" height="150" label="Retweet!" content="%t - %u (via @nGeeksCom)"]

      And you can also place them in the code of the theme files, just use a code like this:

      <?php do_shortcode('[tweetbox width="200" height="150" label="example" content="example"]'); ?>

      You’ll need to escape the quotes if you use them in the label or content:
      ‘ » \’
      ” » \”

      I will include this information in the settings page of the next version.

  13. Is it possible toembed the plugin without using widgets? I’m thinking of a line of php code like this:

    (this one’s for the flickr plugin, obviously)

    Thanks for your help

  14. Hello,

    The tweetboxes show up perfectly on the post pages. However, is it possible to have them showup on the frontpage as well. Adding the php shortcode to my home.php doesn’t do much. Well, nothing actually 😉

    And a suggestion/guestion, can a ‘close button’ be added to the retweet popup?

  15. Thanks for a great plugin!

    Just wanted to second the suggestion that it would be great to see the tweetboxes and/or the Retweet button show on the home page. That would be a wonderful addition to an already wonderful plugin 🙂


  16. Thanks for the great support for this plugin! Please forgive this potentially newbie question…

    I love this plugin’s ability to auto-linkify @usernames and use hovercards, but I have not been able to get the Tweet Boxes to work yet. When I enable them in the plugin settings, the tweet box displays, and I can click “Update,” but the update is never pushed to Twitter. I would think there some type of oAuth login that the user needs to do first, but I am never prompted for this.

    Am I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much!

  17. Hello again!

    With the retweet box (the pop up lightbox), is there any way to have it disappear once a tweet has been sent? (a couple of my readers have been confused by it not disappearing)

  18. Hello,

    The plugin seems very easy to use I even watched a video on it, all the logos and boxes appear but then when I test it this is the error message I receive.
    any thoughts?

    Sorry, something went wrong.
    The provided callback url http://www.thelasvegastweetup.com/las-vegas-tweoples/vegasrockdog-talks-thelvtweetup-hot-digity-dog/ is not authorized for the client registered to ‘http://thelasvegastweetup.com’.

  19. It was all ME!!!!!! lol when I created my api I didn’t include the www. in my call back url, website

    Now it works like a charm!!!!! Fab plugin

  20. I recently upgraded wordpress to ver 3.0, since the upgrade the plug-in seen broken the retweet button on each post is not working, nothing happens.

    Is there anything I can to to fix this?

    • Hola, veo que tu blog está en español, así que te contesto en español:

      He probado el plugin en un blog con WordPress 3.0 y no he encontrado ningún problema.

      Parece que el problema en tu blog está relacionado con JavaScript o jQuery. Es posible que sea otro plugin el que genera el conflicto, o incluso el tema del blog.

      ¿Has probado a desactivar los demás plugins uno por uno? Inténtalo a ver si encuentras de dónde viene el problema y me comentas.


      • Ya he solucionado el problema, efectivamente el tema estaba causando estragos en el funcionamiento, con la ultima actualización del tema se arregló

        Gracias por tu atención.

  21. Hi,

    First of all thanks for your plugin, it is the easiest way to add @Anywhere to WP. Great work.

    I do have a ‘nag’ though. I use the Retweet button at the top of an entry and I am experiencing problems with my bit.ly API: very often the API limit is exceeded.
    This only started once I added the RT button and when logging in to the Bit.ly dashboard it seems that this is because with every page view bit.ly is called and a new short url is created, even for very old entries which have never been tweeted.

    Can you change this behaviour?

    • Hi,

      To avoid that problem, the short URL should be stored in the database when creating each entry or use some kind of cache. I can’t do all that programming work for this plugin… Another idea?

      I will try to add another URL shortener (without limits) in future releases.


      • Thanks for your reply. The shorturl is stored in the DB but how do you know what plugin is used on what site? In my case it is YOURurls to Twitter, on some sites also Twitter Tools and none of these plugins use the same custom field.

        Personally I would say it would be easiest if you integrate YOURurls functionality to the plugin (as in our experience – more than 70 sites – it has proven to be the WP to Twitter plugin with least issues), but that of course is something you have to decide.

        • Have to agree, great plugin but YOURLS integration would be even better. I could probably hack it but it would be a great added feature and would suit my sites perfectly – I just need to add my YOURLS short URL to the tweet instead of bit.ly or is.gd.

  22. Hi,
    I have installed the plugin, registered successfully the blog for a free API key with Twitter from the Settings page. But this thing is still not visible on my site. For Facebook plugin, I activated it from the plugin admin page, then I edited the plugin from Widgets page. But Twitter @Anywhere is not seen on Widgets page.

    Please help!

  23. a mi tampoco me funciona, tengo la version 2 del plugin en WP3, la API key esta bien, y solo tengo anctivada la opcion del HOVER CARD. any help?

  24. Consulta, hay alguna forma de por medio de código, ingresas el botón de “retweet” en un lugar en particular?

    Muchas gracias.

    • Hola,

      Primero tendrías que poner el siguiente código al final del archivo “lightdiv.css” del plugin:
      #lightdiv-button-div-l, #lightdiv-button-div-r {display:none}

      Y después insertar este otro código donde quieres que aparezca el botón:

      <a href="#retweet"><img id="lightdiv-button" src="https://www.ngeeks.com/wp-content/plugins/twitter-anywhere-plus/images/retweet.png" border="0"></a>

      Eso debería funcionar. Saludos 😉

      • Hey buen trabajo; sin embargo creo que es imprescindible que añadas un shortcode para insertar el botón de retweet donde uno quiera, para no quebrar el diseño.

        Implementé las lineas de código que recomendaste a Mario y no me funcionaron; es decir, el botón se visualiza correctamente pero al hacer clic, no sucede nada.

        Quedo a la espera de respuesta, gracias por el aporte!

  25. Hi, thx for the plugin. Is there anyway to call the Tweet Box on my template? I’d like to use it under my share bar, and not under the post.

    • Hello,

      You can place custom Tweet Boxes in the code of the theme files, just use a code like this:

      <?php do_shortcode('[tweetbox width="200" height="150" label="example" content="example"]'); ?>

      You’ll need to escape the quotes if you use them in the label or content:
      ‘ » \’
      ” » \”


  26. Greetings! Great plugin. However, I have noticed something with the “Auto-linkification of @usernames” function, and wonder if there is a fix?

    For usernames that have underscores in them .. it breaks it up e.g. @twitter_name becomes @twitter _name and then the twitter account does not get linked properly.

    Small issue however, but would be nice if there was a fix.


  27. I’ve installed your wonderful plugin on my blog. But on top of my wishlist is YOURLS support. I hope you add it soon. Meanwhile am looking for a workaround (With my limited coding abilities, it’s going to be a tough task).

  28. Awesome plugin. Just tested in on my test blog.

    Now I will use it for more important sites.

    Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

  29. Martin Wawrusch

    Great plugin, one minor problem though:

    The retweet button image is rendered without an alt=”” tag, which makes it unusable in US state or government funded sites as they are required to adhere to 508 accessibility guidelines. Would be great if you could add that, it is the third img tag in the twitter-anywhere-plus.php file like so: <img alt="" …


  30. Hi there, great plugin, but there’s just one thing, it’s causing a horizontal scroll on my site and I don’t know why, do you know what could be causing this?

    • Hello,

      I think the Follow Button at the top of your site is causing the horizontal scroll.
      Try to place the button somewhere else or modify/change the container (div) where you’re inserting the button:

      <!--Social Share-->
      <div class="social_wrap">
          <div class="social"></div>

  31. Hola.
    Me parece genial el plugin.
    ¿serías tan amable de orientarme acerca de la configuración de Twitter en la API?
    Al hacer un twet yo mismo, intenta conectar mi blog con mi cuenta de twitter pero en todas las ocasiones me lanza un error twitter. La aplicación está rregistrada pero no está incluida en la sección Aplicaciones de mi perfil. Captura: [IMG]http://i56.tinypic.com/20r5yf7.png[/IMG]

    • Hola,

      Acabo de enviar un tweet de prueba desde tu blog y ha funcionado correctamente, así que lo debes tener bien configurado. Los datos para registrar la aplicación @Anywhere debieron ser…

      Application Name: EL blog de Cryber (por ejemplo)
      Application Website: http://blog.cryber.com
      Callback URL: http://blog.cryber.com
      Default Access type: Read & Write

      No sé por qué te dará ese error… inténtalo en otro momento, cierra sesión y vuelve a abrirla…


  32. Hello, I just the plugin but can’t see the settings on wordpress to add my API key. What to do?

  33. I instilled the @Anywhere app – registered the app with twitter but I don’t see the API key anywhere? Is it going to be emailed to me or sent via twitter?

  34. Amigos tengo un problema porque cree una aplicación en Twitter pero no me dio la API KEY me dio las demas menos esa que es la que necesito, a no ser que me la muestren en otro lado porque note que cambiaron la interfaz, pero hasta ahora no la encuentro. Espero pueden ayudarme.

  35. Hello,

    I installed Twitter@anywhere plus, activated it and tried to get the API key. The URL present on the settings page sends me to a 404 not found page. Any other way to get the API key?


    Lou Barba

  36. HI,
    My friend and I downloaded and installed your plugin, but both of us are getting the same error when trying to use it
    ‘Sorry, something went wrong the provided callback url not authorized for the client registered to “.

    I have pushed the submit button on other sites and it worked fine. How can I fix this?

    Thank you,
    Jeff Faldalen
    PS I can only speak English

    • Hi,

      Did you correctly enter Callback URL for your application?

      For example, your Callback URL would be “http://jefffaldalen.com”.

      • hi,
        thank you for promptly responding. Where do I put in the callback url? I couldn’t find it.
        And what application are you referring to?

        Is there a place I can watch a tutorial?

        Thank you,
        Jeff Faldalen

  37. hi,
    thank you for promptly responding. Where do I put in the callback url? I couldn’t find it.
    And what application are you referring to?

    Is there a place I can watch a tutorial?

    Thank you,
    Jeff Faldalen

  38. Hi,

    Great plugin! Pleas add Google URL Shortener.


  39. I love your Retweet Button. However, when the RT lightbox appears, a message can be typed but the shortlink URL isn’t automatically in the box to be retweeted along with a custom message. I tested it, and it only posts/tweets a comment on to Twitter, but not the comment with the short-link URL.

    Pls Help…thx:)

  40. I’m having trouble getting the Tweet box to work.

    I authenticate it, but when it goes back to the page it doesn’t send the tweet… any ideas?

  41. Hello,

    I am not technical so please bear with me. I installed this great plug in awhile ago. Today one of my readers got the following error message when trying to tweet my post:

    Sorry, something went wrong.

    Small_robot The provided callback url http://jamellasblog.com/how-did-you-meet-your-sweetheart/ is not authorized for the client registered to ‘http://www.jamellasblog.com’.

    I received the same message when I tried to tweet the post.


  42. I can’t seem to make it work. 🙁 I love the idea.


    It does give me “Connect/Cancel” but when you click Connect, it fails and gives the Twitter tech error. I checked and API is up. Help?

  43. I’ve installed this plug-in and configured all the settings. It appears on my blog posts with my shortened URL. When I click to tweet the pop up appears and I authorize to connect to my account, but then the tweet never actually sends. A little icon appears in the top right and just spins and spins and spins. I’ve tried Safari and Chrome.

    Any suggestions?

  44. Hi

    Great plugin!

    I am trying to combine your plugin with the datatables plugin (here: http://www.cape-hike.co.za/calendar/), but am having a problem with paginated results in the datatable: the Twitter hovercard only works on the first page of results in the table, and not the rest. I guess there is a binding problem in the jQuery – but where would I fix this?

    Many thanks!

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